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Tag: tiles polishing Dubai

Tag: tiles polishing Dubai

Marble Restoration Dubai, Marble Floor, Wooden Floor & Sand Stone Restoration Dubai, UAE

Marble is structurally related to limestone but has undergone metamorphic changes as a result of prolonged compression. It can be cut and polished into a timeless and impressive surface that can be used for a variety of purposes. Often, marble is used for flooring, but can also be used for bench and tabletops, bathtub surrounds and mantle pieces.

Marble Weaknesses

Although marble can make a great showpiece, it has some weaknesses and if not treated properly, it can be damaged. Marble is porous and can absorb water and oils. This can result in dark staining that can be difficult to remove. If the marble is not finished with a protective coating, any liquid spills can be absorbed quickly. The other problem with marble is that it is relatively soft when compared to things like granite. It can be etched by acids such as fruit juices, vinegar, and acidic cleaners. This can result in dull areas in comparison to the surrounding shine and requires marble polishing to correct.

Marble Cleaning Services

Marble cleaning is a delicate task and one which should undertake with care. Marble is a relatively soft stone which has inherited a lot of its porous nature from limestone. It not only absorbs liquids, but can also be damaged by acidic and alkaline products including cleaners. If you use the wrong marble cleaner, you can actually cause more harm than good.

Marble Cleaning Dubai: What To Avoid

Acidic Cleaners
Any cleaners which have a pH lower than 7 are classified as acidic. Of course, the lower the pH, the more likely it is that the cleaner will cause damage.  However, it’s not just very strong acids that can damage marble, in fact, even fruit juices containing citric acid with a pH of around 4 can cause big problems.

Alkaline Cleaners

Those with a pH higher than 7 are classified as alkaline or basic. Highly alkaline cleaners, such as bleaches can damage marble surfaces too.


Some surface cleaners contain abrasive particles such as sodium carbonate. Because marble is relatively soft, this can result in superficial scratches and damage to your marble that detracts from the look of the overall surface and can most definitely be seen in the right (or wrong) light.

Always remember to clean up spills immediately, as marble, especially unsealed marble, will absorb these rapidly into its structure and result in staining. If wiping down, the best marble cleaner to use is a slightly damp cloth that has been soaked in a gentle solution of dilute pH neutral washing up liquid and water. You should dry the surface straight away after wiping over it. If your marble is not sealed, you should most definitely have it sealed to prevent problems from occurring.

Marble Restoration Services

There are many different types of stone and many different uses for each type. Perhaps one of the most obvious uses of any stone material is for a bench or tabletop. Stone benchtops restoration, especially for kitchens, have become very fashionable over the last decade. Many residential home builders offer Stone Restoration, such as Essastone, in standard builds or as an optional extra. Of course, the quality of the sto`ne, cut and design will vary with price. Stone is a very versatile material; it can essentially last forever if treated well.  Depending on how a stone surface is treated, sooner or later it will need to be restored to maintain it’s natural beauty.

Stone Restoration Dubai

Every different type of stone has its own characteristics. Of course, the choice of stone for any benchtop comes down to personal choice. It is also true that every different type of stone requires its own technique of restoration. Using the wrong technique or the wrong equipment can lead to surface damage which can be difficult or even possible to repair. This is why we never recommend ‘do it yourself’ repair for any stone type.

Why Choose Us?

We are the experts when it comes to marble floor polishing in Sydney. We have years of experience in the industry and you can trust us to restore your marble so it looks like new. We have all the knowledge and most up to date equipment to ensure an amazing job is completed every time. Our work exceeds industry standards and we continually update our methods as new tools and techniques are developed. All of our marble restoration is comprehensive and sealing can be performed to help prevent future damage.

Get in touch with marble polishing Dubai for all your marble restoration needs. Call 04 3383744, 050 9287280 now to speak to one of our specialists and get your free and no obligation quote.

Floor Cleaning and Polishing Service (Marble Floor, Tiles Floor & Wooden Floors)

Smart FM marble polishing services is done using state of the art machinery, diamond abrasives and buffing compounds. Depending on the type of finish you would like to achieve for your marble, we can polish your floor from 50 grit (dull matte finish) all the way up to 10,000 grit (high gloss mirror finish) – as experts on what we do, and we guarantee that we can achieve our customers’ requirements without any hassle.

Our marble polishing Dubai is all about bringing back the natural shine, texture and appearance of your marble floors – and as experts on what we do, we guarantee that our team can deliver the best results at agreed time and budget. Just as our company name Smart FM suggests, we know how to bring Smart FM to your home, business and private properties. Breathing new life into your marble pieces, we will make your marble surfaces look like new. We strive to give our customers only the best stone services in the industry, which is why we use marble polishing Klindex solutions for their ability to provide a superior shine and thorough clean without damaging the marble.


  • Increased density

The marble floor polishing improves the density or compression of the concrete floor. It increases the capacity of marble floor to resist impacts and abrasions caused by daily rigors at home.

  • Save on Maintenance

Marble polishing minimizes the penetration of water, oil or milk spill and other numerous substances to the floor surfaces. As a result, your marble floor will require less maintenance which means, you can save a bit of cash that you can later use on other home improvement projects.

  • Keep your Marble Floor looking Clean & Shiny

Regular polishing will keep your marble floor looking clean, shiny and luxurious. Clean floors are not only relaxing but also pleasing to the eyes. If you’re the kind who likes to invite people to come around your place, regular marble floor polishing is ideally suited for your needs.

  • Protect your investment

Marble is an investment you’d like to preserve. Regular marble polishing will not only keep the beauty of your home but as well as its value. By regularly polishing your marble, you can ensure the longest lifetime out of these surfaces—effectively saving you money in the long run.

  • Improved safety

Polishing your marble floor on a regular basis keeps it safe and clean for kids around the house. Polished marble floor also enhances the brightness of your home, letting you easily notice tiny things that fall down your floor thus keeping the kids or anyone around the house away from harmful elements.

  • Keep your home looking great

And ultimately to make your home looking great! The goal of our marble polishing services is to help you get the longest lifetime out of your marble floors, keeping your home looking incredible at all times, and provide you with the best service inline with Australian standards of living.


At Rejuvenation Solutions, we value the well-being of your home as if it were our own. If you hire us to clean, polish or restore your marble at home, business or private property in Sydney, we will make sure to make your marble look like brand new again. Call today for a free quote valued today, and take the first step towards keeping your marble looking beautiful and lasting all throughout the coming years.

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