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Tag: Tank Cleaning Dubai

Tag: Tank Cleaning Dubai

Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfection Service



Smart Touch water tank cleaning; we offer a prompt and efficient cleaning service for all types and sizes of water tanks in Dubai and All over UAE. Our specialist equipment will remove the troublesome sludge from your tank, which helps avoid costly blockages of pipes and pump systems, thus maintaining the purity of your water supply. We pride ourselves on providing a high quality service at a very competitive price – We will not be beaten on price and service, Let us rejuvenate your water tank.

Smart Touch water tank cleaning has over 10 years of experience, this family owned and operated business has an ongoing product and service history with householders in urban and rural areas, government agencies, nursing homes, day care centres, builders, plumbers, and other professionals with maintenance of their tanks.

Tank Cleaning:

If your rain water is yellow or brown in colour or has an odd taste or smell to it then there is no doubt the tank water is tainted and the tank requires cleaning.

Smart Touch water tank cleaning is your Rainwater tank specialist. With around 10 years’ experience taking care of Greater Brisbane rainwater tanks, testing water, cleaning and rejuvenating tanks; ensuring there are no nasty bacteria lurking within.

Smart Touch water tank Cleaning Specialists clean out all types of water storage tanks including concrete, plastic, poly, fibreglass, & galvanised iron. We have specific equipment which allows sludge decomposing on the bottom of your water tank to be removed even if the tank is full.

Screens fitted over the tank inlets are also cleaned Healthy, clean, drinking water starts at the gutter outlet. Preventing leaves, dirt, moss, bird feathers, insects, vermin, and other contaminants from entering your rainwater tank through the use of leaf filters and gutter screens, is vital to ensure safe drinking water.

Pollutants accumulate on the roof and in guttering before being washed into the rainwater tank. As these pollutants decompose a thick layer of sludge type sediment is created which pollutes the water, turning it into
a brown colour. This sludge offers the perfect environment for a host of What happens over time is that leaves and debris enter the tank and begin to de-compose, like compost, on the bottom of the tank, turning the water a dark coffee colour. This, in turn, greatly affects the drinking quality and health factor of the water.

Repair and maintenance

  • Will clean tank whether full or low,
  • Eco-friendly or sanitize,
  • All types and sizes,
  • Repair and maintenance,
  • Free water treatment and advice
  • Quotes given

We are cleaning specialists of all types of domestic water storage tanks. We can improve poor water quality; i.e. smelly, bad tasting, tainted, or discoloured drinking water, and guarantee to remove the build-up of sediment from the floor of your water tank even when it’s FULL, leaving you and your family with clean, safe water storing vessel.

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