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Healthcare Sector

With SMART TOUCH, we add value to the healthcare sector through the development of innovative models of management and integration of “non-assistance” services, by helping to healthcare employees to focus exclusively on treatment and patient care.

Few of the benefits of utilizing SMART TOUCH Advance HCS model are costs efficiency, comfort and environment improvement, increase in the availability of the installations and reduction of pollutant emissions.

With the current changes in healthcare and the negative impact on budget and resources, it is crucial to focus on prioritizing services and reduce any non-essential services.

Operational excellence, medical treatment of patients and the search for savings will become a strategic imperative for most Hospitals. Some of the services that SMART TOUCH offers and could benefit your organizations are, hospital Cleaning (CleanAdvance), maintenance Services, installations execution, energy services, waste management, and strategic consultancy in services. If you are reviewing your health set-up in order to improve your
operational efficiency and increase your service, safety and quality levels then we will be pleased to offer you the benefits of our Health Care Services.