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Coronavirus Prevention Commercial & Residential Cleaning and Disinfection Service

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The coronavirus (COVID-19) has been top news lately because of the number of fatalities that it has caused. According to experts, one of the top ways to combat the coronavirus is through proper hygiene and proper cleaning of the environment.

Viruses are airborne organisms that can cling on the body and enter the air passages and cause the coronavirus disease. The environment must be kept clean with high-grade cleaners and disinfectants to keep the any virus at bay.

Performance Property Services Group (PPSG) knows that cleaning is part of disinfection, and we follow proper routine cleaning to make sure that bacteria and all kinds of viruses are destroyed.

Routine Environmental Cleaning

Proper cleaning reduces soil load, which will allow the disinfectant to work. In order to remove viruses that cause coronavirus (COVID-19), there should be thorough cleaning by disinfection. The time that coronavirus exists on top of surfaces depends on the amount a contaminated fluid is present.

When the droplets that come from coughing body fluids dry up, the coronavirus is subsequently destroyed and dies out. We follow a good practice to clean frequently touched surfaces with a detergent solution. Surfaces that are visibly soiled will also be immediately cleaned to avoid infection and spread of viruses.

Frequently Touched Surfaces

Door handles, bed rails, tabletops, and light switches, will be cleaned with a detergent solution. Smart Touch may use wipes, but it will not totally replace the mechanical process of disinfection.

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Minimally touched surfaces

  • Floors, ceilings walls, and blinds, are some of the minimal touched surfaces in a room. The cleaning protocol for these areas is that detergent solution wipes will be used for cleaning general services and non-patient areas.
  • Damp mopping will be used as opposed to dry mopping.
  • Windows and blinds will be wiped and disinfected when there are visible soil and dust.
  • Windows and curtains will also be regularly replaced and cleaned when soiled.
  • Surfaces such as sinks and basins will be cleaned on a regular basis.

Smart Touch is committed to using a commercial grade disinfectant to kill germs, bacteria, or viruses lying around, especially in high human contact areas.

Hygiene for Cleaning Staff

The risk faced by cleaning staff is different than those who deal with patients face to face. It is important for our cleaning staff to apply the necessary hygiene to avoid contamination with others and also to protect themselves. Cleaning staff are informed to avoid touching their face, including their nose and their mouth.

The cleaning staff wear sterile gloves and a mask while cleaning. They must also have an eye shield or face shield while cleaning. They also have to rub on an alcohol-based solution before and after putting on their gloves. The surgical mask and face shield should be put in place to keep cleaners from inadvertently touching their faces with their hands.

Cleaning Solution

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The disinfectant that will be used in cleaning areas should be one that has antiviral capabilities, which means it can kill a virus.

Our cleaners use freshly made solutions following the manufacturer’s instructions. They wipe the area with a bleach solution using a cloth or disposable napkin. After cleaning an area, they are required to dispose of their masks and gloves in a leak-proof bag.

Smart Touch is committed to following the correct guidelines for disinfection and cleaning to ensure a healthy environment and serve the community.

If you have any questions regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) preventative commercial cleaning for your Dubai office, don’t hesitate to call us on 04 3383744, 050 9287280 or email: info@smartbmuae.com