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AC Maintenance, AC Service and AC Repairs in Dubai

Air-Conditioning Preventative Maintenance

When your air conditioning is running smoothly and providing you with cool, comfortable air, it can be easy to forget just how complex of a machine it really is. That illusion is often shattered when homeowners or business owners neglect the regular maintenance of their air conditioning system, only to realise just how many things can go wrong with a machine that has so many component parts that must operate in order for it to effectively cool your space.

Rather than make the mistake of waiting until something goes wrong, be sure that you are taking the steps needed to regularly maintain your air conditioning system and to ensure that it is always in top working order. Just as you would take your car to a licensed professional for a regular tune-up on a regular basis, be sure that you are taking the time to have one of SMART FM highly skilled and trained Service Agents inspect your air conditioning system and perform any and all needed maintenance tasks to ensure you never have to go a day without cool air and comfort.

A maintenance proposal can be a great way to ensure that you are having your air conditioning looked at when it is most needed, and we highly recommend this option to our clients. There are many different levels to choose from with our maintenance proposals, and our expert team will help you choose which is suitable for your machine and your individual air conditioning needs.

With a maintenance proposal on hand, you can choose to have the maintenance of your air conditioning system

performed on a monthly basis, bimonthly basis, quarterly basis, biannual basis, or annual basis. Regardless of the option that you choose, our service team will endeavour to ensure that your maintenance tasks are performed at the most crucial points of the year – for example, in the lead-up to the hot summer months, when air conditioners are used most and when they are most prone to costly and uncomfortable breakdowns if not maintained properly.

Pricing of our individual maintenance proposals varies depending on the type of proposal that you have chosen and the type of air conditioning system installed in your residential or commercial space.

Air Conditioning Cleaning and Disinfection

Air Conditioning cleaning plays an important role in AC maintenance. While air conditioning units ensure comfort and pleasant temperature during hot weather, they also serve as incubators for all kinds of germs, fungi, mould, and bacteria. These could then be transferred into the property’s airflow where they may affect the health of the occupants.

This has prompted Smart FM Air Conditioning to offer a disinfectant service to the indoor unit using a product which is environmentally friendly and non – toxic.

A 2 step process of a multi enzyme coil and indoor coil treatment has triple – action benefits. It removes and controls mould & mildew (for up to 12 months); removes discolouration caused by mould and remnants of dead organisms and it leaves behind an invisible film ensuring no recolonisation on the surface. This product contains a unique and tested formula that eliminated harmful microorganisms trapped in the indoor unit which improve cooling efficiency and saves on electricity bills

When you get your air conditioner cleaned by Smart FM, our team of qualified experts will use spray disinfection for your AC units. It is safe to use on all brands of air conditioners. A disinfected, cleaned and sanitised indoor unitwill result in a safer environment, keeping your family healthy and secured.

Call our friendly staff today to enquire about our professional air conditioning maintenance and cleaning packages.