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Commercial Sector

In the current difficult climate, the industrial sector faces enormous challenges in the context of a new “economic model”:

» Need to deal quickly and flexibly with the intense pressure on the cost base
» Increase of complexity in production due to a strong competence, globalization
» Progressive reduction of model life cycles
» The need to reduce production time
» These new challenges demand greater speed and flexibility, obliging the need to redefine the value creation process between manufacturers and suppliers.

We are aware that in an ultra-competitive environment of globalization dominated by emerging countries, manufacturers require new answers in the constant search for competitiveness and differentiation.

In SMART TOUCH facility , we provide support to the complete value chain of industry through our innovative ” Integrated Industrial Services Model “, adapted to the specific needs of each of our customers. We introduce dedicated management teams “in house”, allowing us to establish a dialogue and a close relationship with our customers, in order to introduce continuous improvements and our knowledge base of ” Best Practices ” , successfully put into practice in all our customers.

SMART TOUCH facility has a thorough “Know-How” approach with several years of experience in the industrial sector, designing and developing innovative solutions tailored to the specific demands of customers and suppliers.

Looking to the future, SMART TOUCH facility has developed an innovative and unique approach to the industrial sector, through the management and integration of a combination of technical services, auxiliary plant services and logistics services, helping our customers to reduce and make more flexible in a sustained way the cost of their services.