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What is the need for floor sanding and polishing?

The floors which are older, beaten and scratched need the process of floor sanding and polishing. The scratches appear on the floor fade the floor polishing. The old floors are sanded when hidden wood appears on the floor. The old stains on the floor show the age of the floor. There may be worms that harm and dampen the floor. The process of removing the old layer and applying a fresh coating on the floor greatly benefits the people living in the home.

Explain the process of floor sanding and polishing?

There are basically three steps involved in floor sanding and polishing. These are preparation, sanding, and coating with protective coolant. In the process of preparation, the floor is prepared for the sanding operation. In this step, all the nails are punched down on the floor so that it doesn’t harm the sander. The coarse 36 grit papers are used to remove the old coatings from the floor in the sanding process. The 24 grit paper is used commonly for uneven floors by the sander. The floors are coated with solvents and oil after the process of sanding. In this step normally three coats on the floor are applied.

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