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Professional Deep Cleaninng Services in Dubai, UAE


  1. Sofa Deep Cleaning (Couch & Cushions)
  2. Carpet Deep Cleaning (Rugs too)
  3. Floor Tiles & Grout Deep Cleaning
  4. Marble Polishing Service
  5. Upholstery Deep & Steam Cleaning (Mattress & Curtains)
  6. Move In Deep Cleaning or Move Out Deep Cleaning
  7. AC Deep Cleaning & Air Duct Cleaning
  8. House Deep Cleaning
  9. Kitchen Duct Cleaning Service
  10. Construction Deep Cleaning

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Deep cleaning Serviceis highly detailed work, which ensures a thorough clean of all visible and hidden areas in the home. From walls, to refrigerator shelves, stove grates, and inside cabinets, no area is overlooked. This service is perfect for those who enjoy a meticulous clean that goes above and beyond regular maintenance. Deep cleaning includes standard maintenance cleaning as well as standard deep cleaning tasks, in combination with customized tasks, chosen from the list below.

Note: Standard Deep Cleaning Tasks are included in each deep clean. Customized Tasks are rendered as per request.

Have you recently moved in to a home, apartment or condo and need to have a deep clean completed? You’ve come to the right place. We specialize in deep cleanings.

✔ Bathrooms disinfected
✔ Ovens cleaned
✔ Oven racks degreased
✔ Appliances disinfected
✔ Smoke odours

Have confidence in knowing that your home will be spotless after we’re finished the deep cleaning. We’re Q-tip, hospital grade clean conscious.

✔ Inside windows
✔ Window frames
✔ Sliding doors and tracks
✔ Floor vents cleaned
✔ Pet smells

We will clean your refrigerator to a level of clean that can be considered new again. We remove everything, including the freezer, clean it without chemicals. You’ll be amazed.

✔ Cabinets inside and out.
✔ Refrigerator cleaned
✔ Closets inside
✔ Under appliances cleaned
✔ Floor Tiles and grout cleaned

deep cleaning service deep cleaning service


Smart Touch's professional cleaners will clean your house, apartment or villa to your specifications. We are the best at what we do and do not just dust and surface clean. Our Deep Cleaning Team scrubs, sanitizes and details your residence.
We take the time to do a complete walk-through of your home with you when we arrive to ascertain what your cleaning priorities are. When we are done we complete a spot check with you to be sure we haven't missed anything that is important to you.


YES WE DO scrub shower tile grout, hand-scrub floors and baseboards, pull stoves and fridges and clean inside, underneath and their sides. We move furniture if required and vacuum and mop underneath, plus we also detail window and sliding door tracks if requested!

The following detailing services require more time than a general cleaning so please call for details:

✔ Move Ins/Outs or End Of Tenancy
✔ Deep cleaning sessions - Spring cleaning
✔ Hand scrubbing floors and window track detailing
✔ Pull appliances and clean under/sides/behind
✔ Clean inside cabinets/fridges/stoves - remove any items - clean and sanitize - replace items
✔ Pull furniture from walls and clean baseboards/vacuum and mop floors underneath
✔ Expert renovation dust cleaning

Deep Cleaning for Homes (Apartment, Villa or Offices):

Have Smart Touch Technical Services LLC clean and detail your residence before pictures are taken for listing or right before your open house. A pristinely clean and move-in ready home can sell much faster and at or above asking price in many cases.

One of the most important factors in successfully selling your home is to correct any issues that may be seen as a negative by a buyer. Here is a partial list of what can negatively affect the sale of your home or condo that should be addressed before listing

  • An unclean fridge, stove, range hood or dishwasher
    Kitchen cabinets or backsplash that are visibly dirty and greasy to the touch
    Unclean floors
    Dusty closets
    Dirty baseboards within washrooms, the kitchen and the entry-way or mudroom
    Dirty or moldy window tracks and screens
    Bathrooms with dirty toilet bases and seat joints
    Washers and dryers with dirty seals and doors
    Cobwebs in high areas, crown molding and light fixtures
    Excessive dust or pet hair visible on floors and underneath furniture
    Dirty mirrors, mirrored sliding doors and door tracks
  • When SMART TOUCH TECHNICAL SERVICES LLC arrives at your residence we will do a complete walk-through with you. This allows us to identify any cleanliness issues that may affect the sale of your home and work to correct them.


Please call us at +971 50 928 7280 for all of the details of how we can properly clean your home or office for sale.