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Category: Steam Cleaning

Category: Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning Company in Dubai

Professional Steam Cleaning Services in Dubai

Smart FM provides best quality and professional steam cleaning services in Dubai. We deliver affordable cleaning services that are carried out by experienced domestic and house cleaning professionals. We give reasonable and quality cleaning services in Dubai, UAE

Hate mess and don’t want to deal with the cleaning stress? Smart FM Cleaning Dubai best cleaning services are here to your rescue. We are friendly and experienced professionals that provide exceptional cleaning services. Steam Cleaning Services, House cleaning, Commercial Cleaning Services, and Other Cleaning Services, Smart FM offers the best steam cleaning services in Dubai. Catering to both Commercial Cleaning and Domestic House Cleaning needs.

Our cleaning experts are equipped with the best and modern equipment along with a professional attitude. Smart FM Cleaning over time has reached a standard of excellence and continues to provide 100% customer satisfaction for residential and domestic steam cleaning services in Dubai.

Our home cleaners are highly rated who provide the best steam cleaning services for the home. The cleaning services provided Steam Cleaning Services in Dubai are Carpet Cleaning, Moving In Cleaning, Moving Out Cleaning, End of Lease Cleaning, Carpet Steam Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Spring Cleaning and Deep Cleaning Service in Dubai.

Curtain Steam Cleaning

Curtain steam cleaning is a phrase that many customers use but the actual process actually involves hot water extraction and not really too much steam. Many upholstered fabrics will become damaged if exposed to the extreme heat of steam.

Chem-Dry Red Rose’s upholstery steam cleaning service in the Central Coast spans three decades. Few companies have cleaned lounges for a longer period. Our technicians specialise in cleaning fabric furniture and are quite happy to take on jobs where other cleaners walk away.

PROFESSIONAL Move in Deep Steam Cleaning Service for Apartment, Villa, Townhouse & Penthouse in Dubai, UAE

Scope of work:


  • Oven, refrigerator & sinks cleaning
  • Kitchen wall cleaning
  • Floor scrubbing by machine
  • Sink & counters cleaning


  • Toilets deep steam cleaning,
  • Bathtub and showers area cleaning.
  • Bathroom walls & floor scrubbing by machine


  • Wooden Door and handles
  • Cupboards cleaning inside and outside
  • Electric switches cleaning
  • AC vends/grills cleaning
  • Windows frames and glasses cleaning 
  • Balconies wash & cleaning
  • Tiles Floor scrubbing by machine
  • Tiles & grout cleaning by machine
  • Floor mop & disinfection (Sanitize) Service.
  • Outside area pressure wash

Get in touch to book our professional and affordable house steam deep cleaning service in Dubai, UAE

Talk to our cleaning experts who will help you schedule an appointment at your convenience with a FREE quote. 04 3383744 or 050 9287280, Email: info@smartbmuae.com

Curtain Steam Cleaning Company, Curtain Dry Cleaning in Dubai, UAE

Professional Curtain Cleaning by Steam & Dry Cleaning

Get the professional curtain steam cleaning, drapery cleaning, dry curtain cleaning, curtain stain removal, curtain sanitisation and so much more. The professionals at Carpet Cleanings Dubai are highly professional and available for the same day at affordable costs in Dubai, UAE. Choose us and get Best Curtains & Blinds Cleaning Services.

Dirty curtains signify a dirty home! No matter how clean your home actually is, dirty and stained curtains don’t let it show. So, if you have not cleaned your curtains in a while, it’s truly a high time. Get your curtains cleaned, return the charm to your home stolen by your dirty curtains. Call now for extra 15% discount on our specialised services.

Refresh the original look of your Curtain & Blinds !!!

Our curtain & blind cleaning specialists expert in restoring your curtains back to look like new!!!

  1. We can pick up your curtains for laundry cleaning
  2. Onsite Curtain Steam Cleaning Services
  3. After Cleaning our Technicians will rehang your curtains
  4. Both sides of your curtains steam cleaned
  5. NO Shrinkage or Color Fade
  6. Local Drapery Steam/Dry Cleaning Company
  7. Same Day Service
  8. Dry cleaning use solvent rather than water
  9. All fabric cleaned gently
  10. Spot free cleaning and efficient removal of dirt, germs, stains & inspect from your curtains
  11. Solvent to clean every part of your drapery including the back & front.
  12. FREE no-obligation quote available over the phone

Why Curtain Steam Cleaning Is Important?

  1. Dust & Germs quickly build up in your curtain.
  2. Dirty curtain destroys the beauty of your home.
  3. Stain on the curtains look bad
  4. Curtain Cleaning will enhance the interior beauty of your home.
  5. Dry Cleaning only removes dust, however, curtain steam cleaning will remove germs & stains from your curtains

Professional Curtain Cleaning Dubai

Get professional Onsite Offsite Curtain, Blinds & Drapery Steam or Dry-Cleaning Services in Dubai.

  1. Onsite Curtain Cleaning
  2. Roman Curtain cleaning
  3. Roman Blinds cleaning
  4. Curtain dry cleaning
  5. Blinds Cleaning
  6. Curtain Repairs
  7. Blind Repairs
  8. Roman curtains & blinds cleaning
  9. Venetian blind cleaning
  10. Curtain Stain Removal
  11. Curtain Cleaning – Odour removal
  12. Domestic curtain and blind cleaning
  13. Commercial curtain and blind cleaning

We provide professional onsite curtain steam cleaningdrapes cleaning & blinds cleaning service across all Dubai.