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Category: AC Cleaning

Category: AC Cleaning

AC Maintenance, AC Service and AC Repairs in Dubai

Air-Conditioning Preventative Maintenance

When your air conditioning is running smoothly and providing you with cool, comfortable air, it can be easy to forget just how complex of a machine it really is. That illusion is often shattered when homeowners or business owners neglect the regular maintenance of their air conditioning system, only to realise just how many things can go wrong with a machine that has so many component parts that must operate in order for it to effectively cool your space.

Rather than make the mistake of waiting until something goes wrong, be sure that you are taking the steps needed to regularly maintain your air conditioning system and to ensure that it is always in top working order. Just as you would take your car to a licensed professional for a regular tune-up on a regular basis, be sure that you are taking the time to have one of SMART FM highly skilled and trained Service Agents inspect your air conditioning system and perform any and all needed maintenance tasks to ensure you never have to go a day without cool air and comfort.

A maintenance proposal can be a great way to ensure that you are having your air conditioning looked at when it is most needed, and we highly recommend this option to our clients. There are many different levels to choose from with our maintenance proposals, and our expert team will help you choose which is suitable for your machine and your individual air conditioning needs.

With a maintenance proposal on hand, you can choose to have the maintenance of your air conditioning system

performed on a monthly basis, bimonthly basis, quarterly basis, biannual basis, or annual basis. Regardless of the option that you choose, our service team will endeavour to ensure that your maintenance tasks are performed at the most crucial points of the year – for example, in the lead-up to the hot summer months, when air conditioners are used most and when they are most prone to costly and uncomfortable breakdowns if not maintained properly.

Pricing of our individual maintenance proposals varies depending on the type of proposal that you have chosen and the type of air conditioning system installed in your residential or commercial space.

Air Conditioning Cleaning and Disinfection

Air Conditioning cleaning plays an important role in AC maintenance. While air conditioning units ensure comfort and pleasant temperature during hot weather, they also serve as incubators for all kinds of germs, fungi, mould, and bacteria. These could then be transferred into the property’s airflow where they may affect the health of the occupants.

This has prompted Smart FM Air Conditioning to offer a disinfectant service to the indoor unit using a product which is environmentally friendly and non – toxic.

A 2 step process of a multi enzyme coil and indoor coil treatment has triple – action benefits. It removes and controls mould & mildew (for up to 12 months); removes discolouration caused by mould and remnants of dead organisms and it leaves behind an invisible film ensuring no recolonisation on the surface. This product contains a unique and tested formula that eliminated harmful microorganisms trapped in the indoor unit which improve cooling efficiency and saves on electricity bills

When you get your air conditioner cleaned by Smart FM, our team of qualified experts will use spray disinfection for your AC units. It is safe to use on all brands of air conditioners. A disinfected, cleaned and sanitised indoor unitwill result in a safer environment, keeping your family healthy and secured.

Call our friendly staff today to enquire about our professional air conditioning maintenance and cleaning packages.

PROFESSIONAL Air Duct Cleaning Company in Dubai


Affordably Need duct cleaning in DUBAI? Hire professionals from Smart Duct Cleaning Dubai for reliable and affordable duct cleaning solutions. We cover all aspects of duct cleaning requirements and promise you guaranteed cleaning services every time. To keep your ducts up and running on least possible energy consumption get in touch with our experts today!

  1. Air Duct Cleaning
  2. Dryer Vent Cleaning
  3. Duct Sanitisation using Tee Tree Oil
  4. Airborne contaminants Removal
  5. Qualified Duct Cleaners

Get your House, Apartment, Villa or Kitchen AC Cleaning done today by our Professional Duct Cleaning team.

Having clean air vents means that you won’t have contaminants circulating throughout your house. This helps to make your entire home cleaner and healthier. Perhaps the most important thing is that it improves your home’s air quality. Accumulated contaminants, particularly if they include allergens or mold, are very bad for your respiratory health. They can lead to sinus problems and respiratory infections. If you feel like you are getting sick more than usual, particularly when you spend more time at home, dirty air ducts may be at fault. An unclean HVAC duct system can be particularly problematic for people with asthma and allergies. Dust, pollen, mold, and allergens can make asthma and allergy symptoms significantly worse. Cleaning out your ducts can help you to stay healthy at home. Professional air duct cleaning will also help your HVAC system to run more efficiently, saving you money. A clean air duct system that works efficiently will result in long-term energy savings for your home.

What sets Better Air apart as Dubai’s air duct cleaning company?

At Smart Touch, we would be honored to serve your home or business as we offer both residential air duct cleaning and commercial air duct cleaning services – for your business including restaurants, office buildings, veterinary clinics, hotels and other facilities. We specialize in Air duct cleaning, and we are certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. We believe that what sets us apart is our commitment to customer satisfaction, professionalism and expertise. We use a thorough air duct cleaning process for all of your HVAC system’s ducts so that you’ll have long-term improved air quality. We also provide before and after pictures of each job so you can see the improvement for yourself!

 AC Deep Cleaning Includes:

  • Removal of sand, dust, dirt & insects.
  • Cleaning of filters, grills & AC drain lines flushing.
  • Pressure cleaning of the AC Coil followed by chemical cleaning. (chemical cleaning only available in UAE)
  • Disinfectant application for molds & bacteria removal.
  • Free inspections of the AC unit.

**Additional Charges will apply for Spare parts, consumables, gas charge & material.

AC Cleaning Company in Dubai, Air Conditioner Cleaning, AC Duct Cleaning Dubai, UAE

Professional AC Cleaning Company in Dubai, UAE

Affordably Need duct cleaning in DUBAI? Hire professionals from Smart Duct Cleaning Dubai for reliable and affordable duct cleaning solutions. We cover all aspects of duct cleaning requirements and promise you guaranteed cleaning services every time. To keep your ducts up and running on least possible energy consumption get in touch with our experts today!

  1. Local Ducted Heating Cleaning Company
  2. Air Duct Cleaning
  3. Dryer Vent Cleaning
  4. Duct Sanitisation using Tee Tree Oil
  5. Airborne contaminants Removal
  6. Qualified Duct Cleaners

The airborne contaminants (dust, dirt, fungi, mould and germs) will be removed from your ducts. This will improve your indoor duct air quality and prevent symptoms like asthma and allergies.

Our Duct Cleaning Services in Dubai

Smart Duct Cleaning Dubai provide specialised in All Kinds of air duct heater cleaning, evaporative cooler cleaning, air conditioner cleaning, Heating & Cooling Cleaning, domestic & commercial duct system cleaning, duct sanitising & deodorising, clean duct air & no more bad smell guaranteed from your ducts

Here is a list of duct cleaning services we provide in Dubai, UAE

  • Air conditioner duct cleaning
  • Commercial duct cleaning
  • Residential duct cleaning
  • Vents duct cleaning
  • AC duct cleaning
  • Coil Duct Cleaning
  • Kitchen filter banks rebuilds
  • Kitchen exhaust system cleaning.
  • Range hood duct cleaning
  • Carbon Monoxide testing
  • Heater unit servicing
  • Duct retain pipes repair & replacement
  • Duct unit Installation
  • HVAC ventilation system cleaning
  • HVAC duct Cleaning
  • Duct coil cleaning
  • Air conditioning coil cleaning

Need something else? Call us and ask for it!

Why Professional Duct Cleaning is Important?

Do you know how important professional duct cleaning is? Here are some major reasons for getting your ducts regularly cleaned by professionals:

  1. Many diseases are caused by polluted poor indoor air quality.
  2. Better indoor quality needed for healthy life
  3. Poor air quality can cause serious healthissues
  4. Central air duct systems that are not cleaned regularly can cause asthma
  5. Many serious allergies  are caused due to unclean ducts.
  6. Intruded animals rodents, mice, birds, rats and their nests can cause big problems.
  7. The airborne contaminants (dust, dirt, fungi,mould and germs) build up inside the ducts

By getting your ducts professionally cleaned, less dust will get on to your furniture. Dirty furniture release bacteria and other germs in the air too.

So don’t be a victim of unclean ducted heating or cooling systems anymore. For all your ducted heating & evaporative cooler cleaning services anywhere in Dubai, UAE, Call 04 3383744.

Smart Duct Cleaning New Winter Services Include:

  • Evaporative Duct Cooling Unit Service & Cleaning 
  • Split System Cooling 
  • Unit Servicing & Cleaning Cooling 
  • Unit Servicing & Cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions on Duct Cleaning Dubai, UAE:

What time of the year should I be considering duct cleaning?

The best time for duct cleaning is before the start of the summer as in the winter season the lower temperature helps in the settling of the dirt while summer receives the huge amount of dirt and the workload of the ducts increases in the summer. So when the ducts will be clean then it will work efficiently in the summer.

Does air duct cleaning really work?

Yes, if you think it as a waste of money then try it once and see the difference in their function and their effects. It really works as you will get more fresh and clean air inside your house.

Does air duct cleaning get rid of smoke smell?

The smoke leaves its mark in the ducts and that makes a layer over a period of time. The smoke layer starts giving out a smell which can be removed by the duct cleaning service. The cleaning process involves the scratching of the dirt in the ducts whether it is of smoke or others and then it is deodorised to vanish the smell.